No Needle Lip Filler & Facial Filler

The No Needle treatments are administered using a pressurised pen which is able to penetrate right down to the dermis spraying an even layer of dermal filler beneath the skins surface using air pressure by creating, as an example, natural plump lips.

Although not painless, it is far less painful than injection treatment, & in most instances the recover time is far quicker, the treatment requires very little recovery time and you can with comfort continue your work or daily activities, however bruising can occur which is very common.

Your filler treatment will last 2-5 months depending on how quickly your body metabolises the Hyaluronic acid in the dermal filler. The more hydrated you are, the longer your results will last.

Lip Filler

0.5ml treatment£90.00
Perfect for top-ups administered in a single appointment. Includes an in-depth consultation.

1ml treatment£150.00
Treatment over 2 appointments, 1st appointment – 0.6ml administered.
2nd appointment – 0.5ml administered (Two weeks after your first appointment)

Facial Filler

The No Needle facial filler treatment is a safe and effective method of reducing your fine lines and wrinkles on the facial area.

We offer treatment to the following areas:

-Wrinkle reduction of the Nasolabiol folds.

-Wrinkle reduction of the marinate lines and smokers lines.

Although this treatment may not completely remove your fine lines and wrinkles, it can sufficiently reduce them to give you a smoother looking complexion.

This is a builder treatment, more than one treatment may be required for your desired result 7-14 days apart.

The No Needle treatment causes little to no pain. You may feel a slight pressure or sting on application.

1ml treatment £150.00

Please note. The Following criteria must be met before having the above treatments:

– You must be over 18
– No alcohol consumed 24 hours prior
– No underlying chronic health concerns
– No signs of cold or flu
– Not currently pregnant or breastfeeding
– Not on any blood thinners
– Not on any long term steroid treatment

It is recommended to undergo treatment 6 weeks before any big event to allow top up and recovery time.

This is a buildable treatment. you can have regular top-ups with us until we have reached your desired look.

Here are a few before and after images of the No Needle lip filler treatment: